Ormsalva was created in the Swedish city Mora in the late seventies and has since then become one of Scandinavias most used and loved unction. The development of the products still takes place in the region where Mora is located, called Dalarna. Through the coorperation with the famous Swedish winter race called Vasaloppet, Ormsalva continues to build on the local tradition and the strong attachment in sports and health.


Ormsalva is offering Sweden’s most complete selection of unction for all types of need. Since 1979 Ormsalva has been ahead in the area for research of massage and skincare. Now we are stretching our selection more and launching a completely new generation of unction. With four decades of experience Ormsalva is always looking ahead and always pushing themselves to get better. The new Ormsalva is one step closer to perfection! 


Photos by Edgar Blanco.